SPARKS Virtualization Platform

The SPARKS team maintains several servers meant for the creation of virtual machines, for different purposes: research, communication, demo, teaching etc.

Note that the platform is not appropriate for heavy computing needs such as running greedy machine learning algorithms.

This platform is open primarily to SPARKS members, but everybody within the I3S laboratory is welcome to use it as long as resources are available.

Access requests are to be sent to sparks-support, dedicated wiki pages will provide you with guidance and advice.

The management of the virtual machines running on the virtualization platform is performed collectively by the lab members. There is no central administrator. Therefore, you are requested to pay much attention to what you are doing.

Virtual machines are installed and managed by the lab members themselves. In particular, virtual machines owners are responsible for security issues of the virtual machines they install: firewall configuration, backup of VMs, etc.

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