Redmine project management application

Redmine is a flexible project management web application, that proposes a rich set of features: handle SCM repositories, wiki, Gantt, issues tracker, news, forums, calendar etc.

Two instances are deployed at I3S, that can host SVN and GIT repositories:

  • Redmine1: the legacy Redmine server (v1.4.4) is hosted on a VirtualBox server, and maintained only to handle existing projects.
  • Redmine2: a more recent Redmine server (v3.4.6), that should be used for all new projects, deployed on a safer solution: SPARKS' VMWare cluster.
New projects should NOT be created on Redmine1. Use Redmine2 instead.
Existing projects on Redmine1 may be migrated to Redmine2 on demand.

Technical and installation notes are available on a dedicated page (login required).

The following people are Redmine 2 administrators. If you are in their teams, contact them to access Redmine, create a project etc.

If you don't know who to get in touch with, or for more technical issues, contact sparks-support.

Redmine supports local authentication as well as LDAP authentication against the I3S LDAP server.

LDAP users must still be declared explicitly in Redmine by an administrator.

Administrators can create new projects, assign users to projects, change users' roles and declare repositories.

Projects managers can create sub-projects of the projects they manage and assign users.

GIT and SVN repositories can be DECLARED using the web interface but this DOES NOT CREATE them on the server. They must be created manually using CLI ⇒ ask sparks-support to do it for you.

Note that only one repository can be created for each project, its directory name must be the same as the project's identifier.

Command-line creation of new repositories is described on the Redmine wiki for SVN and GIT.

Git repositories

Identifier: either empty or same as the project's identifier

Path: /home/repos/project_identifier.git


For a new project, the git repository must be created "bare". To do so, connect on the redmine2 server (ssh) and do as follows:

cd /home/repos
cp -r git_bare_repo.git git/<project_identifier>.git
chown -R apache:apache git/<project_identifier>.git

SVN repositories

Identifier: either empty or same as the project's identifier

Path: file:///var/lib/svn/project_identifier


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